人工智能的利弊英语作文_Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intellige

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导读: 关于”人工智能的利弊“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence。以下是关于人工智能的利弊的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

人工智能的利弊英语作文_Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intellige

关于”人工智能的利弊“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence。以下是关于人工智能的利弊的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

I think "artificial intelligence" is a very good movie, and I'm sure it's a little different from Kubrick's idea, but he and Spielberg have worked on this film for a long time, and I like the questions it raises, such as, as, as a being, do boys and robots have real feelings, or are they programmed, but we as human beings, we have real feelings The emotions they "program" in our genetic code, society, and other factors from an interesting movie, absolutely a thinking person's movie interesting question, by Haley Joel osmette's performance is excellent and the supporting actors are equally good, the depiction of the future is also a bit frightening, but also very attractive, especially when I watch the movie with my brother At the end of the movie, his first word at the end of the movie was "wow". He only said that for movies, he really likes people who like science fiction and movies that make them think they will see this for sure. Even if you are not as impressed as I am, you will find that some parts of video are very attractive.




One of the future trends of computer science is artificial intelligence, which is to study and simulate human thinking, and ultimately make people like to use the same machine to serve human beings and help people solve problems. After all, people think that it is unique, affectionate, and has a variety of personalities, which is very difficult to realize mechanically. To be like a human thinking machine, it is The only kind of artificial intelligence, not all through artificial intelligence research, can solve various scientific problems and promote the development of other sciences.

Artificial intelligence is the best. I believe that artificial intelligence science is waiting for human beings to explore its real connotation step by step. With the rapid development of information technology, the Internet and e-commerce have been in our daily life It is very popular for young people to buy books, clothing, electrical appliances and other daily necessities on famous websites such as Taobao, eBay and Alibaba through many express companies.

As we all know, online shopping first has many advantages. Online shopping is more convenient than traditional shopping methods. We can find a store with a lot of goods we like All of these just need to click the mouse and input the keywords of what we are looking for, which also saves us a lot of time secondly, more choices than physical stores are another kind of attraction to customers.

Online shopping can provide a lot of product information to meet the needs, tastes and preferences of customers. Third, because there is no traditional warehouse and retail store, online shopping can make us get lower cost and price. Although it has its advantages, we obviously can't ignore its disadvantages.

The quality problem is its first disadvantage ‰ customers always buy counterfeit goods that are not described by online stores. In addition, when customers are not satisfied with the goods we buy online, it is very troublesome and annoying for us to make changes. The second disadvantage is the security problem when we shop online.

We need to pay for goods through electronic payment. However, hackers can invade our computers and steal our information, which is not safe for online shopping.


计算机科学的未来趋势之一是人工智能,它是对人的思维进行研究和人工模拟,最终能够使人喜欢用同样的机器为人类服务,帮助人们解决问题;毕竟,人们认为它是独一无二的,有情有义,有多种性格,这在机械上是很难实现的,要做到像人类思维机器一样,是人工智能中唯一的一种,绝不是全部通过人工智能的研究,能够解决各种科学问题,促进其他科学的发展,人工智能是最好的,我相信人工智能科学正等待着人类一步步地去探索它的真正内涵,在信息技术飞速发展的今天,互联网和电子商务已经在我们的日常生活中非常流行,年轻人在淘宝、易趣、阿里巴巴等知名网站上,通过众多快递公司,购买书籍、服装、电器等日常生活必需品是一种时尚,众所周知,网上购物首先有很多优势,网上购物比传统的购物方式更方便,我们可以找到一个有很多我们喜欢的商品的商店,而所有这些都只需要点击鼠标,输入我们要找的东西的关键字,这也节省了我们大量的时间 其次,比实体店更多的选择是对顾客的另一种吸引。网上购物可以提供大量的产品信息,以满足顾客的需求、口味和喜好。第三,由于没有传统的仓库和零售店,网上购物可以使我们获得更低的成本和价格,尽管它有其优势,但我们显然不能对它的缺点视而不见,质量问题是它的第一个缺点‰顾客总是购买没有网上商店描述的假冒商品。



Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the development of artificial intelligence has exceeded people's imagination. For example, now the first robot is recognized as a citizen, which makes many people feel afraid. Many scientists have predicted that one day robots will not only replace human beings in physical activities, but also some people think that if scientists see two robots through the creation of a new Then they decided to turn off the machine and let them stop working.

They know very well that there may be dangers in the future. Most people have thought that robots will one day have a sense of self, but scientists are still enthusiastic about finding robots. They want to accomplish everything, but no one is sure what they can bring to human beings.




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