电子邮件的英语_Electronics 4篇

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导读: 关于”电子“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Electronics。以下是关于电子的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

电子邮件的英语_Electronics 4篇



For economic management and training a solid theoretical basis, information science and technology and means to use modern information technology to carry out business activities, engaged in business management of high-quality modern e-commerce compound talents, so that students can obtain modern information technology, modern enterprise management theory and practice, marketing theory and practice, master the ysis, design, implementation and evaluation of e-commerce system Technology, understand the laws related to e-commerce, have a high sense of competition, innovation and strong e-commerce ability, master high-level professional training in foreign language, reading, writing and translation, support the party's basic line, develop morally, intellectually and physically, meet the needs of enterprise management and information technology management, and manage E-commerce website at the graoots level E-commerce is a goal for senior managers with higher quality and production ability to directly engage in e-commerce application. This goal emphasizes that the professional quality of e-commerce is directly facing the front line of e-commerce Sub business, is engaged in business management personnel, therefore must have strong technical ability. This ability refers to the ability to engage in market research, negotiation, contract settlement, order management, sales management and other business activities, marketing and business decision- and employment planning: network marketing, online payment, online sales, logistics distribution, enterprise management.




Today, we can predict the information sources of books through various ways, such as paper books, which really saves a lot of information sources for our young people. However, we can find that in only a few seconds on the Internet, many people's life rhythm is very fast, so e-books cater to their style, but paper books will not disappear, which is better than online reading More comfortable. There is no doubt that e-books will be the main way for young people to read.




Telecommuting - replacing work trips with computers - has been hailed as a way to solve various problems associated with office work - it ensures that employees stay away from the office, reduces time wasted on transportation, and helps resolve management's child care conflicts. Telecommuting helps to retain outstanding employees and minimize lateness and absenteeism by eliminating commuting To allow a period of solitude for highly focused tasks and to provide scheng flexibility in some areas (such as Southern California and Seattle, Washington), local governments encourage companies to launch telecommuting projects to reduce peak traffic congestion and improve air quality, but these benefits have not come easily. The difference between a computer programmer and a remote office manager who wants to stay in touch with the reality of a remote office worker from New York City needs to keep a close eye on the difference between a computer programmer and a remote office worker, Working at home for the other two days, an accountant stays at home to look after a sick child.

She hangs up the phone. The connections of modern society and office work are powerful images between calling doctors, but they are a limited reflection of reality. Telecommuting workers quickly realize that it is almost impossible to focus on work and care for a child before a certain age, Young children cannot recognize, let alone respect, the necessary boundaries between work and family, and extra child rearing is necessary if parents are to complete any work.

Management must also distinguish between myth and reality. Despite the media's focus on telecommuting, in most cases it is the situation of employees rather than the availability of technology. Part of the reason is that despite extensive media coverage, the number of companies with work projects or policy guidelines is still small.




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