写邮件的英语_write 3篇

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导读: 关于”写“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:write。以下是关于写的专升本英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

写邮件的英语_write 3篇



Some people claim that public museums and art galleries are not needed because people can see historical relics and works of art through computers. Do you agree or disagree with this view? It is absurd to assert that historical relics and works of art can be seen through computers. First of all, public museums and art galleries will no longer be needed.

Computers can never replace real public museums and galleries. No matter how real and vivid the computer images are, they are just images. For those who claim that museums and art works can no longer be seen by computers, they are just images Art galleries, because they can see everything they want on the computer screen, I would like to suggest that they get married on the computer rather than in real life.

On the one hand, visiting real museums and galleries is a beneficial experience in many ways. On the one hand, it's a good exercise. When we go to museums or art galleries and then walk around the scene, we get some exercise, which is very good for our health.

There, we can enjoy all kinds of things, experience the miracle, beauty and exquisite craftsmanship with our own eyes, instead of passively watching what others show on the screen 。 On the other hand, we protect our eyesight by leaving the computer screen to see the reality. It is true that computers have brought great convenience to our life at some time. Especially when we are unable to visit museums and art galleries in person, we can get a rough idea of what is on display.

However, what we see from the computer screen is not exactly the same as what we see. In short, computers can never replace real public museums and art galleries. Therefore, it is absurd to say that one does not need to go to museums and art galleries because historical relics and works of art can be viewed on a computer screen.





In front of my house, there is a Gulfstream, a very normal stream. The highest water level is 4 meters. When the water level reaches 4 meters, it will be very wide.

When the water is strong, you can suddenly jump over and see a long willow tree and a whirling peach tree. On the other side of the field production team, all this is as usual. I am very hy with its halo, like a light band with willow trees floating leisurely with a small grass lake Mixed with unknown wild flowers, yellow, light blue, pink, purplish, like a ling star on the other side of the large area reflects the reflection of cauliflower in the water, like a group of lovely fish on the brilliant carpet, now floating in the water, while diving into the water, while that piece of polyethylene, and they tered these small fish, mostly only big match stick Half, his eyes are big and black, plus his body is transparent, very good-looking, the summer heat like a flash of Cologne, here is my most comfortable place to rest, the two sides have grown into willow, only the fish keep basking in the sun, leakage to the water, needle seems to support the team, at noon cicada cry "hot", I will take a book, lean Sitting under the tree trunk and letting the water cool again, I touched my legs.

Suddenly, the cool and comfortable feeling poured out from the bay under my feet. What should beauty and Meimei think of the stream? The water, like a soft, thin ribbon, is floating on the water suce with light curls, while comfortable gestures. Even in some cases, the neighbors come to the little boy beside the stream, while they are at the dock or at the pier Contact in the Bush will encounter some small shrimps and crabs, so they will give the booty to the high, laughing streams, the streams of home, very unusual, very beautiful.




On the first day, I wanted to go fishing. The next day I will do a few hours of homework, and then in the evening I will watch TV for a while. On the third day, I will play basketball with my friends.

On the third day, I will go to see my grandparents. In the morning, I will play computer games. In the afternoon, I will do my homework.

On the sixth day, I will go to the countryside to make a fire. On the last day, I will have a rest to prepare for tomorrow's homework.




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