关于spring的英语作文_spring 2篇

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导读: 关于”spring“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:spring。以下是关于spring的五年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

关于spring的英语作文_spring 2篇



Every April, I'm haunted by the same thought: this spring may not come, and the mountains, the sky, and the forest are gray, just like the artist painted on the canvas before my masterpiece my spiritual decline, as I did in an April snowfall when I first came to Maine a few years ago, just waiting for a new proposal, and one morning you wake up, Spring is here. In May of that year, I woke up and saw a green, amazing, almost electric, as if spring was just a switch. On the mountain, the sky and the forest showed their purple, blue and green leaves.

The Canary had arrived at the feeding place, the daffodils were flying into the sky, and then there was an old apple tree, which was located in an undeveloped open space near my home. It doesn't belong to anyone, so for everyone, these trees are black, twisted branches are uncut, and every spring it blooms and the air becomes saturated. When I pass with the window open, the smell of apples makes me feel like I'm moving in another element, like a child skiing.

Until last year, I thought I was the only one who knew about this tree And then one day, in a frenzy of spring, as soon as I got to the branch, I would take the pruning and cut off some random branches. The neighbors would open the window and go to the porch. I hardly know these people and seldom talk to them, but as if I came uninvited into their private garden, my mobile neighbor was the first to say that you don't cut down trees.

Are you the other neighbor who cowers because I cut off a branch and don't kill it? Now he reminds me that half of my neighbors will soon live with me under the apple tree. I lived there for five years, and it's not until now that I know the names of these people, how they make a living and how they spend the winter. It's like the old apple tree that gathered us under its branches in order to know and share.

Strangely enough, I can't help but think of Robert Frost's words: the trees in the green shoots have darkened nature and turned them into summer woods. Just a few days ago, I saw one of my neighbors in a local shop. He said that the recent winter was particularly long.

He sighed that the recent winter had been very long. He had not met any of us or talked to our neighbors. Then, he recalled his idea, looked at me and said, we need to prune the apple tree.






In some years, spring is not always the same. April leaps by, and Virginia's hills are filled with all the stages, the chorus of tulips, the vines of forsythia, the splendor of plum blossoms. In other years, the trees grow leaves overnight.

The toes of spring stop and are conquered by shyness, just like my grandson peeping at the door, avoiding sight, in the corridor Giggle, I know you're there. I cry in. April quietly inserts the tender green buds of Cornus officinalis into our arms.

The perfect cup is inlaid with yellow brown stripes. Dozens of cered seeds examine the flower buds in awe: where were those seeds a month ago? The apple shows the ivory rags to the bonnet, all the rosy sleeping things wake up - primrose, little Iris, blue oleander - the warmth of the earth - you can smell it, feel it, in your hand, the crumbling April, if you like, look at the anemone, or the pea fields, or the stubborn s, with its shoulders on the streets of the city OK, this is what it used to be. Now it is and will be.

The world has no end. In the tranquility of spring reappearance, who can fear the distant autumn.




Winter is over, spring is coming … watching the ice and snow melt, I know that the whole earth is reviving from winter. All kinds of flowers come out to show their beauty and bring us fragrance. This is a feast for our eyes and soul.

Yellow grass suddenly turns green and tender leaves grow on the branches. Swallows fly home. Greetings from spring everything is here.

Feel the warm sunshine, enjoy the beautiful scenery and listen to the wonderful Music, thinking that the new team spirit is perfect, I have no other desire, spring is the most wonderful season of the year, it means a lot to the other three seasons.


冬天过去了,春天来了…看着冰雪融化,我知道整个地球都在从冬天复苏各种各样的花出来展示它们的美丽,给我们带来芬芳这是我们的眼睛和灵魂的盛宴黄草突然变绿嫩叶长在枝头燕子飞回家春天的问候 一切都来了,感受温暖的阳光,欣赏美丽的风景,听美妙的音乐,联想到新的团队精神是完美的,我没有其他的渴望春天是一年中最美妙的季节,它对其他三个季节意义重大。


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