写邮件的英语_write 5篇

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导读: 关于”写“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:write。以下是关于写的五年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

写邮件的英语_write 5篇



How to make yourself healthy: strengthen physical exercise, maintain reasonable nutrition, sleep and proper rest, control the regulation of bad emotions, preventive psychological stimulation and healthy psychological training, develop good habits of life and health, treat diseases as soon as possible, and keep healthy, just start from the bottom of the brain is to keep the eight nutrients in the brain microgram folic acid, intake, the best source: reed Bamboo shoots, cauliflower, cereals vitamin B intake mg, the best source: Tuna, lean steak, chicken breast, banana, peanut C vitamin C, the best source: Hami melon, cauliflower, g juice, orange juice, strawberry, sweet pepper, vitamin E intake mg, the best source: peanut er, sunflower oil, safflower, hazelnut, sunflower seed calcium intake mg, super Sardine, skim milk, lactic acid dairy products, sardine iron, intake mg, Mg above age, the best source: lean pork row, shrimp, wheat, lentil, apricot, tofu, oyster magnesium, intake mg, the best source: buckwheat, tofu, almond, sunflower seed zinc, milligram intake, best source: steak, pork chop, veal, tofu, oyster..




In front of my house, there is a Gulfstream, a very normal stream. The highest water level is 4 meters. When the water level reaches 4 meters, it will be very wide.

When the water is strong, you can suddenly jump over and see a long willow tree and a whirling peach tree. On the other side of the field production team, all this is as usual. I am very hy with its halo, like a light band with willow trees floating leisurely with a small grass lake Mixed with unknown wild flowers, yellow, light blue, pink, purplish, like a ling star on the other side of the large area reflects the reflection of cauliflower in the water, like a group of lovely fish on the brilliant carpet, now floating in the water, while diving into the water, while that piece of polyethylene, and they tered these small fish, mostly only big match stick Half, his eyes are big and black, plus his body is transparent, very good-looking, the summer heat like a flash of Cologne, here is my most comfortable place to rest, the two sides have grown into willow, only the fish keep basking in the sun, leakage to the water, needle seems to support the team, at noon cicada cry "hot", I will take a book, lean Sitting under the tree trunk and letting the water cool again, I touched my legs.

Suddenly, the cool and comfortable feeling poured out from the bay under my feet. What should beauty and Meimei think of the stream? The water, like a soft, thin ribbon, is floating on the water suce with light curls, while comfortable gestures. Even in some cases, the neighbors come to the little boy beside the stream, while they are at the dock or at the pier Contact in the Bush will encounter some small shrimps and crabs, so they will give the booty to the high, laughing streams, the streams of home, very unusual, very beautiful.




It is normal and inevitable for a person, even a very optimistic person, to feel depressed. Of course, I am no exception. Fortunately, I have my own way to avoid my frustrations and live my life hily again.

These include keeping a diary, listening to music, complaining to close friends, exercising, watching movies and performances, reading jokes, and doing manual work. All these activities can effectively improve my spirit and help me forget anything that bothers me. There is another method that has been proved to partially cure depression, which is eating.

I will not recommend this method to those who still want to stay healthy. Why start another possible trouble in order to get rid of the previous trouble.





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