夏洛的网英语读后感_Charlotte's online reading experience 3篇

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导读: 关于”夏洛的网读后感“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Charlotte's online reading experience。以下是关于夏洛的网读后感的高一英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

夏洛的网英语读后感_Charlotte's online reading experience 3篇

关于”夏洛的网读后感“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Charlotte's online reading experience。以下是关于夏洛的网读后感的高一英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Charlotte's online reading experience

Scarlett, a very personality character, she loves two men, she does not know her, I have to admire her, admire her strong and brave, admire her environment, admire her previous education, admire her regardless of the society and create her own career, expressed her career in the whole story, all the people full of fighting will be full of vitality What I appreciate is the promise that "tomorrow is another day for her". Forever, full of fighting spirit, never give up and never despair. I think I was moved by her.

Whenever I encounter difficulties and feel bad, I will tell myself: "tomorrow is another day" and it is a good book worth learning from again and again. It has beautiful characters, ups and downs, exciting and unrestrained Because of the author's subjective factors, the evaluation of the American Civil War is not objective and comprehensive, but from the perspective of literature. This generation of excellent writers is definitely worth a visit Title: Little Prince Author: Antoine de st Exupery main characters: Little Prince, pilot, rose, fox, snake, etc.

although I am not in my childhood, I still prefer to read fairy tales. These stories accompany my past and often remind me of some precious experiences and feelings only for children. I reviewed Antoine de, a French writer, this summer St Exupery, like many other fairy tales, is published in the world's most famous fairy tales.

The outline of the little prince is not very complicated. The narrator of my story is a pilot whose plane crashed and landed in the Sahara desert. On this occasion, the pilot met the little prince, a little boy from another planet.

The little prince escaped asteroid B from his small planet because he had a dispute with a rose growing on his planet. In this case, he left his own planet and made an exploration on the nearby asteroid.


斯佳丽,一个很有个性的人物,她所爱的两个男人,她也不了解她,我不得不佩服她,佩服她坚强勇敢,佩服她卧薪尝胆的环境,钦佩她以前受过的教育,佩服她不顾社会而创造自己的事业,表达了她在整个故事中的事业,所有一个充满斗志的人都会充满活力我最欣赏的,就是这“明天是她的又一天”的承诺永远,充满斗志,永不放弃,从不绝望我想我被她感动了,每当我遇到困难,心情不好的时候,我都会告诉自己:“明天又是新的一天”随风而逝绝对是一本值得反复借鉴的好书,人物优美,情节起伏,激昂奔放,虽然其中由于作者的主观因素,对美国内战的评价不是客观的、全面的,而是从文学的角度来看的,这一代优秀的作家绝对值得一游 标题:小王子 作者:Antoine de StExupery 主要人物:小王子,飞行员,玫瑰,狐狸,蛇等 尽管我还不在我的童年,但我还是更喜欢读童话故事,这些故事伴随着我的过去,经常让我想起一些只属于孩子们的珍贵经历和感触,我在今年夏天回顾了法国作家安托万·德斯泰克斯佩里(Antoine de StExupery)和许多其他童话故事一样发表在《世界著名童话》中的故事,小王子的轮廓不是很复杂我故事的叙述者,是一个飞行员,他的飞机出了故障,降落在撒哈拉沙漠。在这个场合,飞行员认识了小王子,一个来自另一个星球的小男孩,小王子从他的小星球逃出的小行星B,因为他和一朵生长在他星球上的玫瑰发生了争执,在这种情况下,他离开了自己的星球,到邻近的小行星上进行了一次探索。


All people who love fairy tales all know that snow white is a fairy tale. People often only consider the emotional development of the story, but they never really understand its meaning. The story of snow white is like this: a long time ago, a queen gave birth to a beautiful daughter in the beautiful and charming winter, named "Snow White".

But not long after the queen died, the king of China Wang brought a beautiful woman. She was very proud and envied others. She was not like the woman who was said to be more beautiful than her.

She had a magic mirror. She often asked who was the most beautiful woman. The mirror always said that she had only one day.

The mirror said that Snow White was a thousand times more beautiful than her. Therefore, she hated his daughter more and more, and asked the hunter to take her to the forest to kill people and take the lung and liver The queen was cheated by snow white in the forest and recognized seven dwarfs. But soon after, the queen knew that she was still alive, and tried to trap her.

Finally, the queen was very satisfied. But soon after, a prince revived snow white and held a wedding. Snow White was the Queen's wife 》It tells about an evil queen who is jealous of snow white and calculates her method, but he finally gets a reward from this story.

We can see that the queen is jealous and mercilessly causes her consequences. This can be used to see the difference between people in real life, so it is the interaction between people. When you find a job, because of your outstanding achievements, when Boss everything is important, step by step to promote you, but there are always someone to remind her: "one day she will grab your position" for you to guard against more and more serious, when you fight for the same position, behind the use of all means, try every means to get you the upper hand, but often fail is his proof, the God of man is very fair, you are determined to be your forever, exhausted hand Duan do always belong to you, life is like this: "good people weihaibao, evil people will have a harvest." you put your mind on treating everyone or everything.

What you should get is to treat everyone or everything. You should get the right reward for their sins. Bid farewell to the past and call on the future.




Jane Eyre is a classic work in the history of English literature. It has successfully created the first novel in the history of British literature that love and life, society and religion all adopt an independent and positive attitude and dare to fight for and equality. Charlotte Wendy's Jane takes away her stubborn character and her independent personality leaves us.

Her action makes her successful, happy woman Jane With the independent female classics, I wish that under the sun, more flowers come from Jane. No matter rich or poor, beautiful or ordinary, they all have a kind heart and rich heart, relying on independent personality and strong character.




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