关于网络暴力的英语作文_Cyber violence 2篇

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导读: 关于”网络暴力“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Cyber violence。以下是关于网络暴力的六年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

关于网络暴力的英语作文_Cyber violence 2篇

关于”网络暴力“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Cyber violence。以下是关于网络暴力的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Cyber violence

Newspapers and websites update video newspapers and websites newspapers and websites are two major new media in the world today. They can provide us with a lot of news and information, but they are different in some ways. Newspapers have a longer history and publish more reliable news and information every day.

You can carry and read them wherever you like. A lot of people like to read, but they can only contain text and photos. On the other hand, the website is very new and very popular, especially among young people.

The website not only has pictures and texts, but also audio and video, which makes the story more interesting. They are updated from time to time. Therefore, the latest news always appears on the website rather than in the newspaper.

However, it is not convenient for people without computer connection to get information from GG, mm and Xiami websites Yes. If internet slang is banned, vivid intelligence should be banned. At present, Internet Slang such as GG, mm, Xiami and so on have become popular among agers.

There are different views on network slang. Some students think that network slang is vivid, fashionable, full of humor and wisdom, and it makes online chat faster. Other students think that network slang lacks deep thinking and is too much Simple, difficult to understand and accept by most people.

These words sometimes make people feel confused and even lead to misunderstanding. In my opinion, living in the information age, if we don't know the internet slang, every coin has two sides. We seem to be behind the times.

As long as these terms are used correctly under appropriate cirtances, we can do a survey with GM. Dear editor, I recently made one among the boys and girls in our class According to a survey on their purpose of surfing the Internet, girls like chatting most, but few boys like to play games. Girls also like it.

Both boys and girls like to read news or send e-mail online. Maybe they think this is the most convenient way to get information or keep in touch with friends. As for learning, the number of men and women is equal, but only a few people in total will use the Internet as a tool for learning the Internet.





According to a survey data, there are millions of Internet users in China, of whom the average time on the Internet is at least three hours. They share their daily life with others through the Internet, update their personal blogs and publish the least photos of them. However, a report says that more than% of agers are exposed to cyber violence on the Internet.

This report has aroused public concern What is cyber violence? It includes harassment, slander, abuse and exposure of personal affairs. As far as it is known, microblog and circle of friends are quite popular in China. People publish all their information on their own personal platforms, and their personal information is unlocked so that everyone can see it.

The problem is: some people may deliberately leave malicious words on other people's personal pages On the Internet, some people spread false information or slander others. The result of this behavior will lead to the victim's bad reputation. Why do people do this? Some people say it's interesting, or they just want to do something to prove that they are popular, or they want to become famous.

I think it's necessary to create a harmonious environment for Internet users, just like a Chinese saying As the old saying goes: you can't hear evil, you can't see evil, you can't say good things, you can't make bad words.




Now more and more people go abroad to study, and there are also some advantages and disadvantages, because we all know that the quality of education is better than that of the whole country. The scenery is beautiful and there is no polluted air and water. But studying abroad will cost a lot of money that ordinary families can't afford.

Without family and friends, you will feel lonely and no one cares about you.




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