写英语作文的格式_write 5篇

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导读: 关于”写“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:write。以下是关于写的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

写英语作文的格式_write 5篇



Today, I went to visit my grandmother later. I saw my grandmother sitting alone. She was very lonely.

I was very sad because I had not seen her since I came back. In the afternoon I sat at home thinking my grandfather couldn't . When I'm old, if I'm lonely, I'm worried.

I think we should share more time with older people, they need more love and spend more time taking care of her.




Some people claim that there is no need for public museums and art galleries because people can see historical relics and works of art on computers. Do you agree or disagree with this view. It is absurd to assert that historical relics and works of art can be seen through computers.

Public museums and galleries will no longer be needed. First of all, computers can never replace real public museums and galleries. No matter how real and vivid computer images are, they are just images.

For those who claim that museums and art galleries are no longer needed, those who claim no longer need them Museums and art galleries are needed because they can see everything they want on the computer screen instead of the historical relics and works of art that we see in reality. I would like to suggest that they get married on computers rather than in real life. Second, visiting real museums and galleries is a rewarding experience in many ways.

On the one hand, it's a good exercise when we go to museums or art galleries and then stroll around the scene. On the other hand, we do some exercises that are beneficial to our health. We can enjoy all kinds of things with our own eyes, instead of passively watching another thing that others show us on the screen, and experiencing the wonders, beauty and delicacy there We protect our eyesight by leaving the computer screen to see real objects on the scene.

Indeed, computers have brought great convenience to our life at some time, especially when we are temporarily unable to visit museums and art galleries in person, we can get a rough idea of what is on display. After all, what we see from the computer screen is not exactly the same as what we see with our own eyes on the scene. In short, computers can never replace real public museums and galleries.

Therefore, it is absurd to say that one does not have to go to museums and art galleries as one does to visit historical relics and works of art.






On the first day, I wanted to go fishing. The next day I will do a few hours of homework, and then in the evening I will watch TV for a while. On the third day, I will play basketball with my friends.

On the third day, I will go to see my grandparents. In the morning, I will play computer games. In the afternoon, I will do my homework.

On the sixth day, I will go to the countryside to make a fire. On the last day, I will have a rest to prepare for tomorrow's homework.




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