精彩的英文_marvellous 3篇

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导读: 关于”精彩“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:marvellous。以下是关于精彩的八年级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

精彩的英文_marvellous 3篇



The week-long National Day holiday, which starts on October 1, is not only a time to celebrate the birth of the country, but also a time for people to relax. After all, under the great pressure of every day, everyone is eager to slow down and rediscover the true joy of life. My only hope for this week-long holiday is to relax.

I didn't have any fun. I slept until the sun came out and ate my favorite food. Because of their high calories, I hardly ate them.

I watched different types of movies from morning to night. Usually, I seldom go out on holidays because it's too terrible to fight the crowds during the National Day holiday. But this time, I can't resist the music fireworks show with the theme of "various colors of music".

As part of the International Music Fireworks Festival, a music fireworks show designed by Swedish artists was staged in Pudong Century Park on the evening of October 10. Fireworks and music blend together As a whole, it has brought a strong visual and auditory impact to me. The artists selected a variety of music works, including classical music by Beethoven and Strauss, and some representative pop songs, such as "my heart will continue".

Fireworks are set off in different forms. I can enjoy the fireworks in the sky and their reflection on the water suce. From the water suce to the sky several meters high, the fireworks are multi-layered and colorful One of the most eye-catching pictures is that almost glittering fireworks form a meter long and meter wide red carpet on the water suce.

A watell with a height of meters rushes down from the jingtianhu bridge. Meanwhile, the red lantern shaped fireworks diffuse in the sky. It really took me to a romantic trip, hoping to see such music fireworks again next time.





Last night, I had a great party at my father's company. It was held by his company for the workers. Most of the actors were their workers.

I heard that they were ready two months ago. They danced and sang. Some simple but interesting plays reflected the life of the workers.

Some popular programs on the Internet were also performed on them. The audience on the stage loved the party very much. I also liked it very much.




As a middle school student, I am usually very busy and have no time to do other things, but in my spare time, I like reading and traveling. I think they are suitable for me. A good book is a friend who never betrays us.

Reading makes me gain a lot of knowledge. I usually read classics, which improve my language ability and make me know many different things and languages of different countries I have been to many cities. I feel like a modern Xu Xiake.

It broadens my horizons and makes me feel many different customs and habits. When I was 10 years old, I went to Beijing alone to partite in a chorus competition. This was the first time I didn't have me.

At the beginning, I felt very excited that I had a heavy bag. I had to carry it on the train. I couldn't sleep.

I missed my home and my parents. In Beijing, my tears rolled down my face. I visited many places I thought were interesting, Beijing, the first of China Beijing Science Museum is a mixture of modern civilization and ancient civilization.

I also learned a lot from other activities. Life may be sour, sweet, bitter or hot. It gives us different feelings.

Life is like a poem. Life is like a song. Life is like a painting.

It is very rich and colorful.




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