关于书的英语作文_book 4篇

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导读: 关于”书“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:book。以下是关于书的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

关于书的英语作文_book 4篇



Title: books time limit: minutes word limit: number of words your composition should be based on the following outline Outline: books are valuable books are our teachers conclusion books many people say that gold and silver are precious because they are what everyone wants, but I say books are more valuable because they are needed by everyone. Francis Bacon said: "some books can Taste, some books can be swallowed, "there are some things to chew and digest." from his words, we know that books can be compared to the nourishment of the soul, which may be their value. Books are our friends.

Reading books is usually regarded as a dialogue between readers and authors. Even if a person lives alone, he doesn't feel lonely. Some books introduce great people, Chinese and foreigners, contemporary scientists and ancient scholars to readers.

They come as soon as we call them. They leave when we say goodbye. They never tire of telling stories or stories Experience doesn't get angry when asked.

Indeed, books are our great and close friends. Books are our teachers. They teach us some knowledge about truth, science and philosophy, enrich our knowledge, expand our vocabulary and enhance our quality.

As long as we live, our learning will continue, although our life is limited, Knowledge is infinite and books are inexhaustible sources. Knowledge enables us to teach longer than any teacher. Books, our friends and teachers, give us a lot, but gold and silver can't make us love books more.


标题:书籍 时间限制:分钟 字数限制:字数 你的作文应该以的大纲为基础 大纲: 书是有价值的 书是我们的老师 结论 书 很多人说金银是宝贵的,因为他们是每个人都想要的,但是我说书更宝贵,因为它们每个人都需要弗朗西斯·培根说过:“有些书是可以品尝的,有些书是可以吞咽的,“还有一些需要咀嚼和消化的东西”从他的话中我们知道书籍可以被比作心灵的营养,这可能就是它们的价值所在。书籍是我们的朋友阅读书籍通常被视为读者和作者之间的对话,手里拿着一本书,即使一个人独自生活,他并不感到孤独有些书向读者介绍伟人,中国人和外国人,当代的科学家和古代的学者,我们一叫他们他们就来,我们一道别他们就走了他们从不厌倦讲故事或经历,也不会因为被问到而生气的确,书籍是我们伟大而亲密的朋友,书籍是我们的老师,它们教会我们一些关于真理、科学和哲学的知识,丰富我们的知识,扩大我们的词汇量,增强我们的品格只要我们活着,我们的学习就会继续下去尽管我们的生命是有限的,知识是无穷的书是取之不尽的源泉知识使我们比任何人的老师都教得长。书籍,我们的朋友和老师,给予我们很多,但金银不能使我们更爱书。


Hi, I'm Li Hua. I really hope you can take part in the exchange project that I'm eager to learn about different local cultures. I'm willing to spread the Chinese culture that I'm used to running away from home.

I can make myself independent and have a chance to go to school. I hope I can take part in it. Thank you very much.




Lin Shuhao is one of the most popular basketball players in the NBA. He played for the New York Knicks and led the team to victory. Although he was dismissed by the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, Lin is a Chinese American, born in California and graduated from Harvard University.

He majored in economics and minor in sociology. At school, he led the Harvard basketball team to win the Ivy League team championship. After that, he signed a contract with Golden State Warriors, becoming the first Harvard student to enter the NBA and the first Chinese and American player of enbanba.

Lin Shuhao was well known in the victory over the New Jersey Nets in February. He scored, 5 rebounds and 7 assists. Since then, Kobe Bryant has been invited to play in Los Angeles for the first two months, and has not even won more than his legendary performance in Los Angeles Sexual superiority reported that he became a hero in New York City.

Meanwhile, the American media also gave him a resounding nickname "Lin Shuhao". His name was very popular on the Internet, and the video about him was also spreading wildly. After all, Lin Shuhao is just a new player in the NBA.

He still has a lot to learn. I hope he can work hard and play well in the future NBA.





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