关于春节习俗的英语作文_Spring Festival Customs 5篇

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导读: 关于”春节习俗“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Spring Festival Customs。以下是关于春节习俗的八年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

关于春节习俗的英语作文_Spring Festival Customs 5篇

关于”春节习俗“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Spring Festival Customs。以下是关于春节习俗的八年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Spring Festival Customs

Chinese New Year is now commonly known as the Spring Festival, because it begins in spring (the first of 24 words is in harmony with the changes of nature, its origin is too old to trace back. However, it is generally believed that the word "Nian" in modern Chinese is the only meaning of "Nian". It turns out to be the name of a monster.

It starts to prey on human beings the night before the start of the new year. It is said that the year of the beast has a very big mouth, which will swallow many people and bite them. People are very afraid that one day an old man will come to save them.

He said, "I heard you are very capable, But can you swallow other beasts of the earth, rather than those who are absolutely not your opponents? So it swallowed many carnivores on the earth, and they also harassed people and their livestock from time to time. After that, the old man rode the year of the beast to disappear. It turned out that he was an immortal God.

Now his age is gone, and other beasts are scared into the forest. People begin to enjoy a peaceful life. Before the old man left, he told people to put red paper decorations on the doors and windows at the end of each year to prevent the year from slipping away again, because red is the color that wild animals fear.

Since then, the tradition of observing and conquering Nian has been passed down from generation to generation. The word "Guo" may mean that "living the new year" has become the "new year" of today, because the word "Guo" is both in Chinese "Passover" means "observe" the custom of pasting red paper and setting off firecrackers to scare away the new year. If it has the chance to run away, it is still around.

However, today's people have long forgotten why they should do this, but they think the color and sound increase the enthusiasm of the celebration. Today is national day. Today is our country's birthday.

Now she is me. I am very happy this afternoon People seem so happy to go to the park. Some people are exercising and some are singing national songs.

A little girl came to me and said, "happy National Day. I know she loves the country, but I love her. Today is also a happy day.


中国的新年现在被普遍称为春节,因为它是从春天开始的(二十四个词中的第一个与自然的变化相协调,它的起源太古老了,无法追溯。然而,人们普遍认为“年”这个词在现代汉语中是“年”的唯一意思原来是一种怪兽的名字,它在新年开始的前一天晚上开始捕食人类‰传说兽年有一个非常大的嘴,会吞下很多人一口咬下去,人们非常害怕有一天一个老人来救他们,他说:“我听说了你很能干,但你能吞下地球上其他的猛兽,而不是那些绝对不是你的对手的人吗?所以它吞下了地球上许多食肉兽,它们也时不时地扰人们和他们的家畜 之后,老人骑着兽年消失了,原来他是一个不朽的上帝,现在年不在了,其他的猛兽也被吓到了森林里,人们开始享受平静的生活。在老人离开之前,他告诉人们每年年底在门窗上贴上红纸装饰,以防年岁再次溜走,因为红色是野兽害怕的颜色从那时起,观察征服“年”的传统被一代又一代地传承下来,“过年”这个词可能意味着“活了年”变成了今天的“过年”,因为“过”字在汉语中既有“逾越节”的意思,又有“遵守”贴红纸和放鞭炮的习俗吓跑年,如果它有机会跑散仍然在周围,然而今天的人们早就忘记了他们为什么要这样做,只是他们觉得颜色和声音增加了庆祝活动的兴奋性 今天是国庆日今天是我们国家的生日现在她是我很高兴今天下午我去公园人们看起来都那么高兴有人在锻炼身体,有人在唱民族歌曲一个小女孩来到我身边对我说,国庆节快乐我知道她爱国家,但我爱她,今天也是一个快乐的日子。


At that time, people attached great importance to the new year's Eve, and the whole family ate New Year's Eve dinner together. They could not rule out more luxurious dishes than usual, such as chicken, fish and bean curd, because in Chinese, their unciation was "Ji", "Yu" and "dou", meaning "auspicious, prosperous and prosperous after dinner. In recent years, the whole family sat together to chat and watch TV, and the Spring Festival Gala broadcast by CCTV It is an indispensable entertainment activity for Chinese at home and abroad according to the custom.

Every family will stay up late to watch the new year when they wake up in the new year. Everyone will first put on their clothes to greet their parents, and then each child will get money as a new year gift. In Northern China, people will eat dumplings, or dumplings, as breakfast, because they think the unciation of "Jiaozi" means "farewell to the old and welcome Moreover, the shape of dumplings is like gold, the ancient Chinese Yuanbao, so people eat yuanxiao and pray for treasure.

Southerners eat rice cakes at this time, because reading cakes is phonic, meaning "getting higher and higher, year after year.". The first five days after the Spring Festival is a good day for relatives and friends. It was once the most typical custom of Spring Festival to send greetings, gifts, chat with classmates and colleagues, and set off fireworks and firecrackers leisurely.

People thought that the crackling sound could drive away evil spirits. However, once the government took safety and noise measures, such activities were completely or partially prohibited in big cities and pollution factors were taken into account Instead, some buy tapes to listen to the sound of firecrackers, some can also hear the sound of breaking small balloons, and some buy firecracker crafts to hang in the living room. The lively atmosphere not only pervades every household, but also permeates the streets and alleys.

Lion dance, dragon dance, lantern fair and temple fair will last for several days. After the Spring Festival, Chinese ethnic minorities and Han people celebrate the Spring Festival on almost the same day. They have different customs and habits.





Spring Festival couplets, also known as couplets, are a special form of literature in China. Spring Festival couplets are composed of two couplets and a horizontal axis on both sides of the door. There are inscriptions on the horizontal axis, which is usually an auspicious phrase.

On the top of the gate and pasted on the right side of the door is a sentence. The first line of the couplet, the left line, and the second line before the Spring Festival, are pasted on the door by every family. It gives people a happy and auspicious atmosphere in the past Write your own Spring Festival couplets or ask others to write them on their behalf.

Now, it is common for people to buy Printed Spring Festival couplets in the market.




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