求职简历的英文_Resume 5篇

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导读: 关于”求职简历“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Resume。以下是关于求职简历的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

求职简历的英文_Resume 5篇



I am very happy to come to this beautiful school. I love my school very much. I hope my school will be a place without examination and full of joy.

When I go to school to see my beautiful school, I know it will be a place I will not forget, a school with all beautiful gardens, where our students can live in less safe places. In my opinion, the ideal university Life is my ideal school, and also my ideal school life. If we call the ideal college life a formal western food, the high average score of the average score should be the main dish, and active partition in activities and community activities means that some romantic stories of appetizers play a role in dessert, which are the key elements of the ideal university life.

These are not all of University life, because we all know that there are many differences between universities and middle schools Similarly, it connects not only adolescence and adulthood, but also ivory towers and real society. So the ideal college life is that I am physically and mentally mature and I get it in this case I never expect my college life to be too ideal, or you can say it's perfect. It is unrealistic to let everything do in my own way, because everyone likes me to win the first prize and so on.

Of course, I think about a carefree life, but it has no benefit to my future. What really helps is like failure, betrayal and unfair treatment. Only after experiencing these, can I know what society is like, What is life like.

I want to say that some positive experiences must be part of the ideal college life, but I should not forget the negative side, and their necessity is not small.





Before you sit down and write your resume, list the company you want to work for, Robert Sam, senior vice president of Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey "It will tell you how to write a resume," he said. "Knowing that the company you're applying for is in the process of acquiring can help you build your resume and highlight relevant work experience," he said Add "recruitment keywords" and "other recruitment keywords" to "Recruitment" to optimize the search for "the best job". Try to tell your story with the words in your resume.

Once you're ready to send your resume, make sure it shows your talents, skills and achievements. Many resume writers try to build concise points from the beginning, but this may mean that some key information about your achievements will be lost. Therefore, Sam suggests that you should first elaborate on the work-related situation, any obstacles, and the actions you have taken to solve the problem.

He suggests that the result of your action will be a complete story, and then reduce it to a series of concise descriptive points. Find an insider and list your friends, former colleagues and acquaintances who may know your target company Taking the time to identify the key contacts in the company you are applying for will help ensure that your resume gets into the hands of the right people. More importantly, introducing an insider can help avoid using your resume in advance.


在你坐下来写简历之前,先列出你想工作的公司,新泽西州伍德克利夫湖(Woodcliff Lake)的高级副总裁•萨姆(Robert Saam)说,这会告诉你如何写简历,他说,知道你申请的公司正在进行收购,这可以帮助你构建简历,突出相关的工作经验,他说(·萨姆在通过在线招聘板或公司网站回答广告时,尤其要使用关键词,一定要在你的简历中写上重要的关键词,例如,对于申请人力资源职位的人,最好在简历的顶部加上“招聘”和“招聘”这样的关键词,这样可以更好地搜索优化职位描述中找到正确关键词的其他线索。试着用简历中的词来讲述你的故事一旦你准备好了发简历,一定要让它展示你的才华技能和成就很多简历撰写者一开始就试图构建简洁的要点,但这可能意味着你所取得成就中的一些关键信息会丢失。因此,萨姆建议,首先要详细说明与工作相关的情况、任何障碍、你为解决问题所采取的行动,他建议说,你的行动结果会写出完整的故事,然后再把它缩减成一系列简明的描述要点找到一个内部人,列出你的朋友、前同事和熟人,这些人可能认识你的目标公司的人,花时间找出公司的关键联系人你正在申请将有助于确保你的简历进入合适的人手中更重要的是,介绍一位内部人士有助于避免事先使用简历。


- Name: Zhang Hong gender: female date of birth: 4 / / place of birth: Qingdao occupation: teacher height: education background: graduated from Qing Normal University interests: Dance management ambition: proficient in English: learned English for eight years, good at listening and reading. Zhang Hong, a middle school teacher, was born in Qingdao in July this year and graduated from Qingdao Normal University in July. She has studied English for eight years.

Zhang Hong is good at listening She is very interested in singing and dancing. She wants to devote her life to business management.




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