英文信的范文_letter 5篇

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导读: 关于”信“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:letter。以下是关于信的三年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

英文信的范文_letter 5篇



A letter of friendship, Maple Street, Dallas, Texas dear Ruth, why don't you write? Of course, you are busy with the school closing, but please take a moment to assure me that you will be on my birthday. You have a long-term invitation to all my birthday celebrations, in order to warn you not to miss this one mother who said that you must stay at least two weeks and obey her. Don't forget your tennis racket.

The court is better than ever this spring. Don't announce to ted that it's "better than perfect" because they've already made it perfect. By the way, Ted's poor this year, so you'd better practice: he's playing the wreath around me.

Please write to me immediately and tell me when to stop the family bus at the station where I have to run now, or I will be late for English class. Your friend, Betty maple haustori of Texas, dear Bates, unfortunately, business has delayed my reply to your letter. Your note made me feel guilty, and I stopped in a frantic hurry and said: next Saay at 5:30 p.m., the bus will stop at your station.

Tell your mom that I may not be completely "obedient," but I'll make her happy to get rid of MIA for Ted, for example, I'm walking practice, but don't be afraid I'm five minutes late, but I'll let the Committee see you on Saay.





Dear editor: I have read many articles in the school magazine. I found that almost all the articles in the school magazine are about the daily affairs on campus, which is good for us to understand everything on campus. But I think it would be better if there were articles and learning methods about current events.

Current events can open the eyes of students to learn more about sharing the world I hope you will find these suggestions useful and put them into practice as soon as possible.




We climbed the mountain yesterday. The mountain is beautiful. We stayed there all day.

Trees and flowers are good. We had a good time and had a picnic. Today is really an unforgettable and unpleasant day.

I do housework for my grandmother. She is not very well. I decided to do more housework for her.

She will feel happy and happy. Suddenly, I suddenly thought of an idea: getting old is terrible, because you have to worry about your health and other people's opinions again. I am determined to be a good girl.

It's sunny today, It's hot. I get up early at 6:30. I read English and have breakfast.

I help my mother wash dishes, do homework and clean the room. I go shopping with my mother in the afternoon. I play table tennis with my friends in the evening.

I watch TV and read books. I really have a busy and interesting day. 4.

I had a meaningful and colorful day. In the afternoon, I did some homework Last week, I went shopping with my mother. I watched a very interesting movie.

5. I had a good time on Sunday morning last weekend. I stayed at home and did my homework.

Homework was not difficult. I was tired playing volleyball with my friends, but I was very excited in the afternoon. It was a little difficult for me to cook dinner for my parents.

I thought after dinner, I went swimming in the river. I could swim well. I had a relaxed week end.





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