英文简历的字体_Font of resume 3篇

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导读: 关于”简历的字体“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Font of resume。以下是关于简历的字体的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

英文简历的字体_Font of resume 3篇

关于”简历的字体“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Font of resume。以下是关于简历的字体的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Font of resume

Sandy Lin / ftower2 bright China Building Beijing … objective to contribute to the hotel's challenges developed customer relationship and management skills ԡ qualification summary develop interpersonal skills, deal with the details of diverse customer professionals and employees, and achieve good goals under high pressure environment. Familiar with the career development history of EECO and APTEC computer systems Oliver Hotelwhitewaters staff address guest needs using EECO computer system to control booking input and process call records including return guest company account and Suite Rental daily report Walden Hotel Waltons hotel staff trained personnel handle telephone international fax and telex booking maintenance daily and monthly reports tracking demand and ensuring noshow Billing uses the APTEC computer to enter group reservations and lists Walden hotelwaltons sales assistant helps customers maintain inventory, open / close stores, track best-selling novels and make suggestions to customers Bethel CollegeNorth newtons, secretary in charge of general clerical work, solves the problem of positioning speakers educate better Bachelor of science and sociology of collegerindsborks the client relationship and management skills of the candidate emphasize the hotel / hotel field in the resume, because the job seeker has strong work experience, so education is not emphasized.


Sandy Lin/FTOWER2 BRIGHT China Building Beijing…目标为酒店的挑战贡献发达的客户关系和管理技能ԡ资质总结 培养人际交往技能应对多样化的客户专业人员和员工的细节,并在高压力环境下实现良好的目标熟悉EECO和APTEC计算机系统的职业发展史OLIVER HOTELWhitewaterKS酒店的职员解决客人的需求利用EECO计算机系统控制预订输入处理来电记录包括回程客人公司账户和套房租赁的每日报告 WALDEN HOTELWaltonKS酒店职员培训过的人员处理电话国际传真和电传预订维护每日和每月报告跟踪需求并保证noshow Billing使用APTEC计算机输入团体预订和列表 WALDEN HOTELWaltonKS销售助理协助客户维护库存开/关店跟踪畅销小说并制作对客户的建议 BETHEL COLLEGENorth NewtonKS负责一般文书工作的秘书解决了在定位演讲嘉宾方面的疑问 教育BETHANY Collegerindsborks理学社会学学士 应征者客户关系和管理技能在简历中强调酒店/酒店领域,因为求职者的工作经历很强,所以不强育。


In fact, happiness is everywhere, but not everyone knows how to find it. For me, I have my own secret: first, happiness is to spend every day with a relaxed attitude. No matter what you are too serious about, you should face it with a happy attitude; second, happiness is when you are with your friends, you can see the happiness of others In order to tell them some jokes, make them happy, at the same time, you also feel happy.

Third, happiness lies in helping others. When someone is in trouble, you will give help without return, but you get happiness, your heart is growing like gold, of course, the secret of happiness is not only these, there are many things waiting for you to find,.




Four branches grow on a tree, which are the symbols of academic ability, practical ability, organizational ability and action ability. A saw and a symbol of education cut down three branches violently, leaving the only picture that symbolizes academic ability. It only emphasizes high scores in academic examination or academic success, This is obviously the main pursuit of most students, parents and teachers in China.

A good educational background is always regarded as a ticket to a profitable career and a successful life. Therefore, if a child is not interested in traditional learning, even if he is very talented in other fields, he will follow the same growth path from a famous kindergarten to a good one If he goes to a key middle school in primary school and then to a famous university, he will be regarded as an idle man with no big dream and will be severely punished. When college students are highly valued by the employment market, this educational principle is very effective.

However, due to the great changes in the employment market, the demand for talents in the employment market exceeds the academic ability. Today's talents are admirable, and the education background will fail due to the lack of other abilities. There are many forms of one's ability.

We'd better strive for balanced development.




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